Welcome to Komiža on the island of Vis!

You're probably browsing the results of your preferred search engine or busily flipping through the pages of booklets from various travel-agencies, looking for a destination far away from urban bussle and everyday worries. As you may have discovered, the choice is huge and diverse. Thousands of websites about destinations from Mexico to the Maldives, promise the holiday of your dreams, coupled with a long lasting relaxation and revival of mind, body and soul.

While you're looking at all these lovely pictures, we'd like to direct your attention to the 6176 km of croatian coast-line, which is literally right in front of your (european) doorstep. Yes, thats 6176 km of coast, plus 1246 islands, isles and rocks, with a total population smaller than that of any average european city — and all this surrounded by the blue and crystal clear Jadran (Adriatic Sea) which even tempts Australians to pay «old europe» a visit and to marvel at the fact that you can stand in knee-deep water and still see your feet.

We would like to invite you to spend your holiday with us, in the middle of the blue heart of the mediterranean sea. Don't come here because of the colourful descriptions of culinary highlights or endless party-time. Rather, visit us for a perfectly preserved, naturally grown environment and the mild climate, which provides the best conditions for olives, figs, almonds, oranges and lemons. Enjoy the sweet smell of lavender with your children or your friends and rejoice in the spectacle of a crystal clear nighttime sky.

Rest assured, that we have done our best, to make your stay in Komiža (Island of Vis, Croatia) as pleasant as possible. You can find numerous accounts of pleased visitors in our «impressions»-section.

We wish you all the best, and are looking forward to your visit! Family Bogdanović-Kolelastra